Texas Corinthian Yacht Club

Junior Commodore: The Honor is selected annually by a majority vote of all junior sailors in the Club and is responsible for leadership and coordination of junior activities in the club, including overnight camp counselor recruitment and organization.

1982 Mary Stuart Masterson
1983 Genevieve Hutcheson
1984 Kristen Loller
1985 Eric Ellis
1988 Peter Wood
1985 Virginia Grayson
1990 Laura Dailey
1991 Charlie Neuhaus
1992 Peter Meyer
1993 Pod Gunter
1994 Lacy Smythe
1995 Philip Bowman
1996 Philip Francis
1997 Henry May
1998 Frank Donnelly III
1999 Miles Bowman
2000 Marjorie Francis
2001 Emily Kolb
2002 Ben May
2003 Laura Donnelly
2004 Cole Johnston
2005 William Turner
2006 Walton Levell
2007 Katherine Donnelly
2008 Carolyn Prioleau
2009 Tony Knapp
2010 George Turner
2011 John Mace 
2012 Keen Butcher
2013 Keen Butcher
2014 Laura Masterson
2015 Lenox Butcher
2016 Bennett Bush

Ben Cash Memorial Trophy The Ben Cash is given to the junior sailor who exemplifies the Corinthian Spirit, both on and off the water, throughout the year. The Award is chosen by a majority vote of all junior sailors in the Club.  The trophy was given in honor of Ben Cash, a Club member who had a great interest in the development of the club’s junior sailing program.
1950 Allie Kelly
1951 Pete Masterson
1952 Gaylord Smith
1953 Garrett Meador
1954 Dineen Schuhmacher
1955 Paul Taft Junior
1956 Tommy Dickey
1957 Mac Dunwoody
1958 Randi Fay
1959 Chap Hutcheson
1960 Larry Neuhaus
1961 Diane Mosbacher
1962 Ed Blackburn III
1963 Andy Johnston
1964 Sandy Girard
1965 John Knapp
1967 Doug Johnston
1968 Peter Johnston
1969 Mary Milby
1970 Frank McMurrey
1971 Sigurd Emerson
1972 Hal Coley
1973 Mark Godfrey
1974 Cary Cluett and John Wandel
1975 Dine Glasgow
1976 George Francisco IV
1977 Jack Daniel
1978 Jack Lollar 
1979 Caroline Baker
1980 Genevieve Hutcheson
1981 Kimberly Neuhaus
1982 Kurth Anderson
1983 Charlie Dickey
1984 Bo Neuhaus
1985 Curtis Hutcheson
1986 Eric Ellis
1987 Charlie Neuhaus
1988 Virginia Glasgow
2001 Kate Donnelly
2002 Carolyn Prioleau and Nick Maudlin
2003 Cole Johnston
2004 William Turner
2005 WIlson Prioleau
2006 Cameron Crawford
2007 Sophie Kerr
2008 Eleanor Bush
2010 Lenox Butcher
2013 Megan Ellis
2014 Lilly Butcher
2015 Camille Sole

Young Salt:
The Young Salt is given to the junior sailor new to the sport, who exemplifies the Corinthian Spirit on the water, and who enthusiastically, bravely, and with a real zest becomes a reasonably competitive sailor in their first or second year of sailing.These sailors want to compete on the water and they have a strong regard for fairness, fellowship and respect for competitors, coaches and race committees. The Award is chosen by the Junior Sailing Coaches and Chair.  Nominations are accepted from Sailors, Coaches and Parents.
1988 Virginia Glasgow
1989 Peto Meyer 
1990 Connor Johnston
1991 Philip Francis
1992 Frank Donnelly
1993 Mills Bowman
1994 Marjorie Francis
1995 Emily Kolb
1996 Anabel Fay
1997 Charlie Milby
1998 Katherine Donnelly 
1999 Walton Leavell 
2000 Frank Mace
2001 Lucy Kerr
2002 Wilson Prioleau
2003 Peter Bujosa
2004 Brooks Leavell
2005 Marshall Crawford
2006 Tal Hutcheson
2007 Maddie Bricker
2008 Macey McCann
2009 Sophie Kerr
2010 Lenox Butcher
2014 Megan Ellis 
2015 Parker Ellis

Top Gun Award
The Top Gun Award is given to the older, more experienced junior sailor who exemplifies the Corinthian Spirit on the waterThis award is given to someone who has exhibited enthusiasm, sportsmanship and a competitive zeal over a long period of time and who whose accomplishments are notable on Galveston Bay or beyond.  The Award is chosen by the Junior Sailing Coaches and Chair.  Nominations are accepted from Sailors, Coaches and Parents.  *in the past the Top Gun award has not been a perpetual one so we do not have complete records of whom has received it in which years,  however, we do know that past recipients include: 
 Macy McCann, Wiley Rogers, Zane Rogers, Haddon Hughes, AnaClare Solé and more.  
2015  Kara Scully

Junior Yachtswoman/Yachtsman Award: This Award is given to junior racers whose accomplishments are notable nationally and/or internationally.  This Awards are chosen by the Junior Sailing Coaches and Chair and are not given out every year but only when a TCYC Junior Sailor(s) who have had outstanding on-the-water achievement within the calendar year.  
Carolyn Prioleau,
2004-5 Kate Donnelly,
Carolyn Prioleau & Marshall Crawford
Carolyn Prioleau
2008 Winston Knapp

2015 Haddon Hughes & Wiley  Rogers

TCYC Season Championship by class (Opti, Laser, 420, Sunfish) These Awards are based on the Memorial, July 4th and Labor Day race results.